We engage in business activities with the motto "Service and Hospitality" based on our customers' perspective.

Noma Electronics conducts corporate activities based on the theme of “Creating new value of trading company through the improvement of five qualities.” As a result, we are carrying out various initiatives such as reducing the environmental impact that goes beyond the role of the electronic component supply chain and providing educational support for the next generation.
We believe these efforts will lead to the achievement of the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Noma Electronics is targeting SDGs in three areas.

For the next generation leading the future


Internship acceptance project

We are actively promoting acceptance of interns to support and nurture future generations.

  • Fukasawa High School: Vocational service experience reception office (2008 -)
  • Josai International University Graduate School of Management and Information Studies: Business practice acceptance office (2018 )

We assistance SDGs agenda through collaborate with NPOs

  • We provide educational support through Tokyo Laos Association.

For the better environment

Consideration to the environment.

On April 25, 2017, we replaced the lighting of Hitachi Sales Office for LED lighting.

On February 17, 2015 Noma Electronics Co., Ltd. (headquarters) installed a photovoltaic power generation system to promote the use of renewable energy and measures to prevent global warming.
We continue to work on earth-friendly corporate activities.
We aim for a clean society through the sale of ECO products.

Environmental policy

Fundamental principle

We recognize it as a members of the human race and are striving to maintain this great Earth. Noma Electronics is a sales trading company of electronics components and related products (electronic parts, semiconductors, power supply equipment etc.). We engage in business activities with the motto “Service and Hospitality” based on the country, community, and customers’ perspective. Noma Electronics strives to preserve the global environment through business activities as a trading company, positioning environmental issues as one of the important management issues.

Action policy
  1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
    We comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements with which we agree.
  2. Reduction of resource and energy consumption
    We aim to reduce any environmental impact in all aspects of our business activities, such as resource saving, energy conservation, and waste reduction.
  3. Prevention of contamination
    We regularly review environmental conservation goals and promote thecontinuous reduction of environmental impact and environmental protection.
  4. Continuous improvement of environmental management system
    We make use of the spirit of “Service and Hospitality” which is the motto of our company’s business activities in the environmental management system and endeavor to enhance and continually improve.
  5. Implementation of environmental policies and publication
    We thoroughly inform every employe of our environmental policies. We also publish the information on our website.
  6. This environmental policy meets social trends and the needs and expectations of stakeholders. We make well known to all employees and all of our colleagues and business partners, and we request related business partners for understanding and cooperation.

Revised September 1, 2017.
CEO Wataru Higuchi

Certification / registration


Flow of ISO-14001 acquisition

We started to operate an environmental management system in February 2006.
Acquired ISO-14001 certification at all sales offices in September 2006.
Nagoya Sales Office: Registered relocation review in October 2008
Hitachi Sales Office: Registered relocation review in October 2014
Acquired ISO-14001 2015 (JIS Q 14001 : 2015) certification in September,2018

Certification of Minato-ku energy conservation promoton model office

We were approved as Minato-ku energy conservation promoton model office on March 29th 2016.

For the employee-friendly work environment

We encourage all employees to have vacations when they’d like to.
We provide a work environment that makes it easy to take maternity or childcare vacations.
We offer a place to work for the experienced senior generation.

Tokyo Work style reform

We have been registered as 「TOKYO Work style Reform Declaration Company」 Promoted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We will continue to aim for companies that can contribute to society in the future.